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Things I Know to be True

Tue 10 May 2022Things I Know to be True

NP Studio is proud to present Andrew Bovell’s mesmerising play, Things I Know to be True.

The children of the Price family have grown up and flown the nest, but that does not stop them from still seeking the love and approval of their parents, Bob and Fran. This beautiful play explores the unique struggles of every member of the family, and how the tightness of a familial bond can be what makes or breaks them. As the children try to redefine their lives separately from the hopes and dreams of Bob and Fran, they come to realise that they must face the imperfections of their parents as part of facing their own. But where does this leave Bob and Fran? And what is the price of loving too much?

Funny, poignant, and heart-breaking, Things I Know to be True was a smash hit for physical theatre practitioners Frantic Assembly. Although we do not claim to be Frantic Assembly, our talented Studio team have worked collaboratively to involve movement and physicality to enhance the storytelling of this poignant exploration of family life.

It has been wonderful to include more new faces to Nantwich Players in the cast, and we can’t wait for their NP debut. Actor Holly Jones, who plays Rosie Price, has said of the experience “it has been a pleasure to bring to life such a gorgeous play with such real and relatable characters. The creative process has been a new experience for us all and we are so proud of what we have created.”

Join us at the theatre to laugh and cry with the Price family and recognise that their family might not be too distant from your own. At the end of the day, we all want “to love and be loved.”

Led by the NP Studio team performances will be at 7.45pm on 20th – 22nd May 2022. Tickets priced at £7.00 are on sale now from Nantwich Tourist Office (01270 600727) or on-line at 

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