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Immaculate Auditions

Mon 27 September 2021Immaculate Auditions

???? Are you ready to get back on stage? ?

Look no further... we have auditions coming up next week for our upcoming studio production of 'Immaculate' by Oliver Lansley. 

You don't have to be a member to attend but you will need to let us know your coming and become a member to take part in the production. 

Workshop/ auditions, Wednesday 29th September 2021 7.30pm Nantwich Players Theatre

The Play! 

Immaculate by Oliver Lansley 

Directed by Bethany Gail

Oliver Lansley's Immaculate is a comic variation on the virgin birth in which a young woman finds her life spiralling into confusion when she wakes up one morning, unaccountably pregnant. It was first performed by Les Enfants Terribles Theatre Company as part of the 2005 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, at the Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh, on 3 August 2005.

The play takes place in a small bedsit belonging to Mia. Young, free and single, she hasn’t had sex for the last eleven and a half months. So when she wakes up one morning nine months pregnant, with the Angel Gabriel on her doorstep claiming parentage, she is understandably flummoxed. When her ex-boyfriend, Michael, then decides he’s the father, it seems it can’t get any worse. However, things take an even more surreal turn when Mia’s old classmate Gary turns up claiming it’s his baby – and suddenly Lucifer wants in on the action too.

The premiere production by Les Enfants Terribles was directed by Oliver Lansley and performed by Melanie Gray, Christopher Mellows, Matt Ian Kelly, James Seager, Nicole Lewis and Oliver Lansley.


Mia - A pregnant Dominatrix (playing age between 20 - 30)

Gabriel - The Angel here to Claim the unborn child as the immaculately conceived messiah. (Any Age)

Lucifer - The Devil, also here to claim the unborn child as the next antichrist. (Any Age).

Michael - Mia' s ex boyfriend.(playing age between 20 - 30)

Rebecca- Mia's best friend. (playing age between 20 - 30)

Gary - The Nerdy old friend from school. (playing age between 20 - 30)

Greek Chorus - I'm looking for a good working group to take on the narration elements of the production. Should be prepared to embrace the comedy and fun of this element. (Any Age).

(Playing ages are more what you feel you can play, not your actual age) I will consider some flexibility on these. 

This will be a mix of workshop and audition style. 

There will be some warm up and connection exercises followed by some work directly with the script. Nothing needs to be learnt and no pieces will be provided to learn prior however it would be advantageous if you can have read the script prior to the workshop to give an idea of the style and comedy of the play. 

Rehearsals will be by agreement of the cast twice per week. Sundays are likely to be included. Anyone cast will need to be available the full week prior to the show for dress and technical rehearsals although I will ensure a night off is built in that week. 

Finally.... this is a really funny irreverent (however not insulting to religion) play and I really want a team who will of course work hard to create a great play but are willing to embrace the fun and enjoy the process. 

If you wish to take part, get more info or confirm your attendance please send an email to with your name and contact information.