The Roses of Eyam

The Roses of Eyam

Wed 23 March 2022 - Sat 26 March 2022

Nantwich Players Youth Theatre brings you 'The Roses of Eyam' by Don Taylor. 

History has a tendency to repeat itself. As memory fades, events from the past can become events of the present. In March 2020 the world went into lock down as a direct result of something no one at that time had heard of; a potentially life-threatening virus called Covid 19. Two years later, numerous lockdowns, and as this goes to press, 153,000 casualties alone in the UK.

We tend to think that plagues only happen in other countries but The Roses of Eyam, a historical drama written by Don Taylor explores The Great Plague that swept Britain in 1665/66, and the events that took place just over the border to Cheshire, in the small village of Eyam. It is largely based on the heroic actions of the community in the 'Plague Village’ in Derbyshire, between September and December, of those years. Already troubled by the divisions arising from the recent Civil War, some villagers supported the Parliament; others had fought for Charles I at the Battle of Marston Moor in 1644.

In 1665, the arrival of a new rector and Royalist, the Rev William Mompesson, caused more problems. The previous rector, Thomas Stanley, an ardent Purtian and supporter of Cromwell, was still an angry resident in Eyam, and a declared enemy.

But the introduction of the plague changed everything as the village fought for survival and made a valiant decision that would save thousands of lives in Derbyshire alone.

We are soon absorbed as this tragic tale is played out. Some of the village inhabitants will leave, but most will stay to face a terrible fate: the first sign of the ring of vivid red ‘roses’ on skin that will erupt with boils, quickly resulting in the death of most of the villagers.

The play gives us so many frightening parallels to what has happened over the last two years, and one thing that remains a constant from then until now, is the resilience of the human spirit. And so, with that in mind, Nantwich Youth Theatre would like to dedicate this production to the men and women who have worked tirelessly to keep us alive – The NHS. We THANK YOU!!!

Directed by  Michaela Warrilow performances will be at 7.45pm on 23rd – 26th March 2022. Tickets priced at £9.00 will be on sale from Nantwich Tourist Office (01270 600727) or on-line at from Tuesday 1st March 2022 at 9am.

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