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Auditorium Refurbishment

Tue 24 October 2023Auditorium Refurbishment

It’s been a complex job with millimetre accuracy needed and we are really pleased to welcome you to our refurbished auditorium! The new seating, designed for Nantwich Players, provides extra leg-room on all rows - around 2.5 inches extra space (6.5cm) for every customer in rows B upwards. We are now able to offer step-free access from the car park all the way to Row A. We have also fitted new lighting to ensure that all audience rows are well lit to enhance your enjoyment and safety in our theatre.

The work has been made possible by members of our hardworking theatre committee and technical teams. Our old seats have gone for re-use through the reclamation & upcycling sector at no cost to us. Funding for the Auditorium Refurbishment is from Nantwich Players and from our Supporters’ Scheme, our sincere thanks to everyone involved! If you would like to join the Supporters’ Scheme from just £8 per month to support live theatre in Nantwich and also get the first pick of seats for productions, please click here.