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Additional Tickets for Female of the Species

Fri 16 July 2021Additional Tickets for Female of the Species

The UK Government has announced that theatres can reopen at full capacity without the need for social distancing in auditoriums from July 19th.  As part of this reopening process, Nantwich Players has planned a "safe and gradual" approach to returning to normality for our theatre. Consequently, our ‘welcome back to live theatre’, Joanna Murray-Smith’s satirical comedy ‘Female of the Species’, will be with half-capacity seating.


Our theatre is Covid-safe and fully ventilated, with extra precautions for members & cast. We will be welcoming patrons back with our usual high quality live performances and bar. We have been able to release more seats today through our online-only booking service at Our ticketing is now entirely digital so there are no tickets to collect or to hand over.  The additional tickets are on sale now.


You will be welcome to wear a face mask if you wish, although there is no legal requirement to do so. We expect this month to be the turning point on the road to post-pandemic recovery for live theatre – our festival team has already been competing this month in the North East and bringing back more awards, demonstrating continued high-quality performances despite that last 15 months of restrictions.


We want everyone to enjoy all aspects of their live theatre experience with us and we are doing everything possible to make people feel safe and comfortable. As we increase capacity, we want to ensure that positive audience sentiment builds through the summer and autumn, back to full capacity.


Tickets are on sale at and Female of the Species opens on Wednesday July 21st with weekday performances until Friday 30th July.